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The Understandings of BREEAM

Posted in Industry News on Mar 11, 2021.

What does it mean?

Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.

BREEAM is a sustainability assessment method that ensures buildings are compliant during design, construction and operation. This method can be used for both refurbishment and new build schemes.

How does BREEAM Certification work?

It involves a third party licensed BREEAM Assessor checking the assessment of a building/project to make sure it qualifies and meets the performance standards of the scheme.

What are the categories?

The sections are as follows:

How is BREEAM ratings calculated?

A certain amount of “credits” can be accumulated for each section above. A percentage is calculated for each section’s credits achieved. These percentages are then multiplied by the corresponding section weighting, this gives the overall environmental section score. Each section score is added together to give the overall BREEAM rating score.

What do the ratings mean?

The overall BREEAM score will determine which rating is giving below.

Unclassified – Score of less than 30%
Pass – Score equivalent or more than 30%
Good – Score equivalent or more than 45%
Very Good - Score equivalent or more than 55%
Excellent - Score equivalent or more than 70%
Outstanding - Score equivalent or more than 85%

Is BREEAM Mandatory?

It remains a voluntary standard. However, it is becoming increasingly demanding for Local Planning Authorities (LPAs), especially London-Based Authorities.

Can QuinnRoss Energy help you?

With our qualified BREEAM Assessors, they are able to manage the formal assessment process and apply for certification of that assessment on behalf of the client.

For more information, guidance and advice, please contact us.