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Sustainability Statements

What is a sustainability statement?

The government’s drive for reduced energy consumption and a zero-carbon Britain encompasses all levels of sustainability, not just emissions from building services. Planning policies are far more widespread than just CO2: What impact does a building have on the local community? Will it add more inhabitants to the area? Will it add jobs? Will it produce more waste than the borough can cope with? Will it create more vehicle traffic than the local highway infrastructure can cope with? Will it create too much surface water run-off for the local sewer systems to cope with? Will it detract or enhance local ecology? These are the questions that planning policies require answers to, and a sustainability statement highlights them all.

Does it really do all that?

Yes, a QuinnRoss Energy statement is all-encompassing. Although not a technical document per-say, it won't contain any calculations, it will give an overall high-level analysis of the sustainable impacts of the development and highlight how each and every planning policy is fulfilled.

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RIBA stages

When do I need Sustainability Statements?

Services for RIBA 0 - 7

Whether you need a SAP for a bungalow, or overheating analysis for a penthouse, our technical specialists will work with you to find the best solutions for compliance within your deadlines and budget, explaining them in plain English.