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SBEM Calculations

What are they?

The Simplified Building Energy Method (SBEM) is the standard method for confirming your commercial building’s compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations 2013 (current regulations). Although perfectly legitimate, the alternative is to use a Dynamic Simulation Model (DSM), such as IES, to perform the same task. Following on from that calculation an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can also be produced using the same calculation method.

Who needs them?

If you are building a new commercial building, selling an existing commercial building, buying an existing commercial building, renting or leasing a commercial building, or substantially upgrading/changing an existing building of any kind then it is a legal requirement to have these calculations performed. Failure to do so results in fines.

Can anyone do them?

No. They must be performed by an accredited Low Carbon Consultant (LCC) and Low Carbon Energy Assessor (LCEA), which of course QuinnRoss Energy are fully qualified to levels 3, 4 & 5 and have decades of experience.

What happens if you fail an SBEM?

You cant build your building, at least the planners won't let you. It is a legal requirement to achieve compliance with the Building Regulations Part L 2013. QuinnRoss Energy has much experience in advising clients on this very issue, offering much analyses and advice on the most cost-effective and easiest methods of compliance for your building.

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RIBA stages

When do I need SBEM Calculations?

Services for RIBA 0 - 7

Whether you need a SAP for a bungalow, or overheating analysis for a penthouse, our technical specialists will work with you to find the best solutions for compliance within your deadlines and budget, explaining them in plain English.