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MAN 02: Elemental and Component Life Cycle Costs (LCC)

MAN 02: Life Cycle Cost and Service Life Planning

"To deliver whole life value by encouraging the use of life cycle costing to improve design, specification, through-life maintenance and operation, and through the dissemination of capital cost reporting promote economic sustainability."

Available Credits:

  • Elemental Life Cycle Costs (2 credits)
  • Component Level LCC options appraisal (1 credit)

Aim and Benefits:

Life Cycle Costing (LCC) is a prediction and analysis of a building throughout its lifetime: From construction, installing all components and services, to day-to-day running, to demolition. It also calculates Net Present Value (NPV) which is the amount to be invested in the bank today to pay for all future costs at a given interest rate over a known time horizon. The benefit is mostly felt at an option appraisal stage where comparative costs can be concluded and cost intensities identified. This analysis will ensure that projects/buildings remain cost-effective and financially beneficial solutions.

How can QuinnRoss Energy help?

At QuinnRoss Energy we have much experience of performing these cost analyses and our in-house developed financial calculator tool has been honed to produce results that consistently achieve the 3 credits available. As far as amounts of credits for financial outlay go, this is one of the most beneficial.

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When do I need MAN 02: Elemental and Component Life Cycle Costs (LCC)?

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