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MAN 04: Building User Guide & Training Schedule

MAN 04: Commissioning and Handover

"To encourage a properly planned handover and commissioning process that reflects the needs of the building occupants."

Available Credits:

  • Handover – 1 credit.

Aim and Benefits:

This development of a Building User Guide (BUG) and the preparation of a handover training schedule will ensure that the tenant will be able to use all the services and systems in their space, without extensive technical knowledge.

The BUG is an essential document which acts as a quick reference guide for the occupants of the building. The document contains information on the building's system's and how they work, the daily operation of the building and its facilities and includes the details of the people who will need to be contacted in the event of a problem or emergency.

The training schedule will include information about the buildings design intent, after-care provisions and the contact details of after-care team’s main contacts, any scheduled seasonal commissioning and post-occupancy evaluation, an introduction to the installed systems and their key features, building management systems (BMS) including their interfaces and controls, and an introduction and run-through of the BUG.

How can QuinnRoss Energy help?

QuinnRoss Energy have much experience of developing non-technical guides intended for use by tenants and are well versed on the content of said guides to achieve the BREEAM credit.

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