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MAN 01/MAN 03: Sustainability Champion

Available credits:

UK Refurbishment and Fit-out 2014:

  • Management 01: Project Brief (design stage) – 1 credit.
  • Management 03: Responsible construction practices (construction stage) – 1 credit.

 UK New Construction 2018:

  • Management 01: Project Brief and design (concept design) – 1 credit.
  • Management 01: Project Brief and design (developed design) – 1 credit.
  • Management 03: Responsible construction practices (site) – 1 credit.

Aim and Benefits:

QuinnRoss Energy is a BREEAM Sustainability Champion, also referred to as a BREEAM Advisory Professional (AP). We are trained and qualified and if appointed, will help you and your project achieve BREEAM targets and provide your project team with support and assistance as you work towards your BREEAM target rating. We will also be able to assist in maximising and enhancing the opportunities of your projects performance, enabling you to achieve the desired sustainability and scheme related outcomes. We will provide BREEAM-related advice and will be able to explain credit criteria and their requirements in clear simple terms.

If higher BREEAM ratings are desired, such as “excellent”, the sooner we on board the better, ideally concept stage (RIBA Stage 0 - 2).

How can QuinnRoss Energy help?

QuinnRoss Energy are qualified BREEAM AP’s, therefore, we can achieve the credits outlined above and offer consistent clear BREEAM advice throughout the project in pro-active non-passive way.

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When do I need MAN 01/MAN 03: Sustainability Champion?

Services for RIBA 0 - 7

Whether you need a SAP for a bungalow, or overheating analysis for a penthouse, our technical specialists will work with you to find the best solutions for compliance within your deadlines and budget, explaining them in plain English.


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From bespoke M&E design, to specialist planning reports and our wide range of sustainability assessments, the team here at QuinnRoss Energy would be delighted to assist you.

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