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ENE 04: Passive Design Analysis

ENE 04: Low Carbon Design

"To encourage the adoption of design measures, which reduce building energy consumption and associated carbon emissions and minimise reliance on active building services systems." 

Available Credits:

  • Energy 04: Low carbon design – 1 credit.

Aim and Benefits:

The aim of this analyses is to quantify the effect of non-active energy-saving measures on a building’s design, for example using natural ventilation, external shading or low g-value glass. If incorporation of said measures can be shown to have a meaningful effect then a BREEAM credit can be achieved.

How can QuinnRoss Energy help?

Quinnross Energy have decades of experience of dynamic thermal modelling for predicting operational energy consumption and carbon emissions, and this knowledge and experience is easily applied to a passive measures analysis. We are also very familiar with the BREEAM requirements and what the BRE wish to see in reporting having had numerous passive design analyses approved under BREEAM schemes.

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When do I need ENE 04: Passive Design Analysis?

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