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The London Plan

What is the London Plan?

The Mayor of London wants our capital to be a zero carbon city, with zero waste, zero emissions from transport, green cover over 50% of the town and to have the best air quality of any city in the world. Ambitious? At QuinnRoss we think not. The technology to achieve these targets already exists it just requires a significant push by a greater authority, and the London plan is it.

How will it affect me?

If you are building a new development in London, residential or commercial, you will need to achieve a zero carbon development. You will have to use on site renewable technology, such as solar panels, to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible, at least 35% better than current Building Regulations. Any CO2 shortfall will result in a cash fee being paid to the local borough based on the amount of t/CO2 your development produces, therefore the more efficient the development is the less you will pay.

What do they need money for?

The boroughs will use the cash payments to buy energy from renewable sources elsewhere in the country and to retrofit existing buildings to reduce CO2 levels as a whole. It’s for the greater good.

What’s involved?

To fulfil all London Plan requirements, comprehensive studies are required, which are as follows:

  • Energy Strategy,
  • Overheating analysis,
  • Sustainability statement,
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

How can QuinnRoss Energy help?

We have been heavily involved in energy modelling for commercial and residential buildings for over a decade. We are also well versed in London Plan energy strategies, having produced many for an array of major development in London, and have extensive experience of collecting and organising the data from monitoring systems. We have also been advising clients on energy efficiency measures, new and existing, again for over a decade, and have been assessing whole Life Cycle Assessments (LCA’s) long before it became compulsory in BREEAM and the London Plan. So, if you have a development and require a safe journey through London development, we are the only consultancy you need.

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