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The London Plan

The vision of the Mayor of London is clear - to transform the capital into a zero-carbon city with zero waste, zero transport emissions, abundant green cover, and the world's best air quality. At QuinnRoss Energy, we believe that this ambitious goal is within reach, with existing technology and a powerful driving force: the London Plan.

Understanding the London Plan:

The London Plan is the strategic blueprint developed by the Greater London Authority to guide the city's development towards a sustainable future. It sets ambitious targets to combat climate change and enhance the quality of life for Londoners. Key objectives include achieving zero carbon status, reducing waste and emissions from transport, increasing green spaces to cover over 50% of the city, and ensuring the best air quality globally.

Impact on Your Development:

If you're planning a new development, be it residential or commercial, in London, the London Plan will directly affect you. To gain planning approval, your development needs to align with the plan's goals, specifically achieving zero carbon status. This entails incorporating on-site renewable technology, such as solar panels, to minimize CO2 emissions, surpassing current Building Regulations by at least 35%. Failure to meet carbon reduction targets may result in cash fees paid to the local borough based on your development's CO2 emissions, making energy efficiency a priority for cost-saving benefits.

Financial Contributions for a Sustainable City:

The cash fees collected by the boroughs from developments will be utilized for crucial sustainability initiatives. These funds will support the purchase of renewable energy from other regions and the retrofitting of existing buildings to reduce city-wide CO2 levels, benefitting the environment as a whole.

Comprehensive Studies Required:

To ensure compliance with the London Plan, your development will require comprehensive studies, including:

  • Energy Strategy: A detailed plan outlining energy usage, efficiency measures, and renewable technology integration.

  • Overheating Analysis: Assessing potential overheating risks and implementing solutions to enhance comfort.

  • Sustainability Statement: Demonstrating your commitment to sustainable practices and environmental preservation.

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): Evaluating the environmental impact of your development throughout its life cycle.

QuinnRoss Energy: Your London Plan Experts:

At QuinnRoss Energy, we possess a decade of experience in energy modelling for both commercial and residential buildings. Our expertise includes developing London Plan energy strategies for numerous major developments across the city. Additionally, we excel in collecting and organizing data from monitoring systems, advising clients on energy efficiency measures, and conducting whole Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to align with BREEAM and London Plan requirements. If you seek a smooth journey through London's development landscape, trust us to be your guiding partner.

Need Help with Your London Project?

QuinnRoss Energy is your trusted partner in crafting tailored solutions to meet the requirements of the London Plan for your unique development. With our expert guidance, you can navigate the planning process seamlessly, secure approvals efficiently, and contribute to a sustainable future in the capital.

Contact our experienced energy assessors today at 01795 845 780 or email us at [email protected] to get started on creating a greener, energy-efficient development. 

Let QuinnRoss Energy be the driving force behind your success in achieving a sustainable and eco-friendly London development.


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