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In today's world, the importance of conserving energy and reducing CO2 emissions in developments cannot be overstated. An energy strategy has become a pivotal requirement, essential for any modern development seeking planning approval. At QuinnRoss Energy, a renowned energy and sustainability consultancy based in Kent, we specialise in crafting comprehensive energy strategies to demonstrate your commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, ensuring your project aligns with local, regional, and national planning policies.

Understanding Energy Strategies:

An energy strategy is a crucial document primarily utilised for planning applications. It serves as a detailed roadmap, showcasing how your development intends to meet its energy needs while adhering to sustainability goals. The strategy incorporates a series of analyses, expertly summarised into a single document. It outlines the proposed HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), lighting, and renewable technology measures for your development. The energy strategy employs approved software and dynamic modelling calculations to predict energy consumption and CO2 emissions for the entire development accurately.

Enhanced Energy Strategies for Your Project:

At QuinnRoss Energy, our energy strategies go beyond the ordinary. We have honed and streamlined our approach to create strategies that:

  • Minimise energy demand: We focus on designing solutions that reduce the overall energy requirements of your development, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

  • Efficiently supply energy: Our strategies address how to provide inhabitants with their energy needs through efficient and sustainable means, ensuring long-term energy security.

  • Embrace renewable technology: We emphasise the integration of renewable energy solutions, such as solar panels, to harness clean energy and reduce dependence on conventional sources.

  • Prioritise CO2 reduction: Reducing carbon emissions is a primary goal of our strategies, aligning with the government's drive for sustainability and environmental preservation.

The Importance of an Energy Strategy:

If you are undertaking a development or refurbishment project over 500 m2 in London, Manchester, or other major cities, an energy strategy is an absolute necessity. Local planners now require an energy strategy to ensure that your project complies with sustainable development guidelines and contributes to the ongoing efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. As the government's focus on sustainability intensifies, energy-efficient strategies are only becoming more vital and sought after.

What is Needed for Developing an Energy Strategy:

To craft an effective energy strategy tailored to your development, we will need the following information:

  • Architectural Drawings: Provide us with detailed plans, sections, and elevations drawings of your project.

  • Construction U-Values: Share information about the U-values for floors, walls, and roofs, showcasing their thermal performance.

  • Glazing Details: Provide glazing details, including U-value and G-value (solar shading factor), to assess their impact on energy efficiency.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Drawings: Share comprehensive mechanical drawings, highlighting HVAC & DHW (Domestic Hot Water) plant/systems, and electrical drawings with lighting schedules.

  • Air Pressure Test Results: If available, share the results of the air pressure test, indicating air permeability for effective energy conservation.

  • Renewable Systems Details: If your development includes renewable systems like solar panels, provide drawings, product details, and supplier calculations.

Need Help with Your Energy Strategy? 

QuinnRoss Energy is your trusted partner for crafting bespoke energy strategies tailored to your project's unique requirements. With our expert guidance, you can navigate the planning process seamlessly, secure approvals efficiently, and contribute to a sustainable future. 

Contact our experienced energy assessors today at 01795 845 780 or email us at [email protected] to get started on creating a greener, energy-efficient development. 

Let QuinnRoss Energy be the driving force behind your sustainable success.


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