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TRA 02: Proximity to Amenities

TRA 02: Proximity to Amenities

" To encourage and reward a building location that facilitates easy access to local services and so reduces the environmental, social and economic impacts resulting from multiple or extended building user journeys, including transport-related emissions and traffic congestion. "

Available Credits:

UK Refurbishment and Fit-out 2014:

  • Tra 02: Proximity to amenities – 1 credit.

UK New Construction 2018:

  • Tra 02: Sustainable transport measures– Credits will vary depending on other transport measures targeted.

Aim and Benefits:

Proximity to amenities is a surprisingly valuable asset to a building. Having local shops, café’s, deli’s and parks close by to a development adds increased value to the tenant as the inhabitants will be happier when socialising, taking lunch or exercising. Hence why it is a benefit in BREEAM with credits awarded.

How can QuinnRoss Energy help?

QuinnRoss Energy have much experience in producing local amenity reports for this BREEAM criteria and are well versed in outlining the information the BRE expect to see, having had numerous approved submittals on various projects.

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