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The London Plan 2021

Posted in Industry News on Jun 29, 2021.

The London Plan 2021 (Link) is a spatial development strategy, setting an ambitious framework for good growth and defines how London will develop over the next 20-25 years.

“With The London Plan 2021 asking for more information to be submitted at planning stage it will now give the design team an early understanding of the project’s capabilities with regards to the sustainable and carbon reduction measures which are available. With all of the additional information being required at an early stage this will encourage the project’s carbon emission reduction to meet zero carbon more often and not incur a carbon offset payment for not doing so.” QuinnRoss Energy

One of the main changes within The London Plan 2021, would be the commitment towards Net Zero Carbon targets. As part of Policy SI 2 – Minimising greenhouse gas emissions, The Mayor of London requires all major developments to be net zero carbon.

Here’s where QuinnRoss Energy can help, we can assist with a number of requirements:

Be Seen

As part of the Mayor of London’s Energy Hierarchy (Policy SI 2), there is now a 4th stage ‘be lean, be clean, be green, be seen’. The 4th stage requires solutions to enable effective monitoring and reporting on the building’s energy performance during operation.

How can QuinnRoss Energy Help?

We can take care of your Energy Management needs, as such our goal would be to achieve and maintain optimum energy procurement and utilisation, throughout the organisation and to minimise energy costs/waste without affecting production and quality.

Net Zero Carbon Target

To meet the net zero carbon target, 35% on-site reduction of carbon emissions is required for major developments. Residential developments should achieve 10% and non-residential should achieve 15% through energy efficient measures. Where these targets can not be fully achieved through on-site measures, they must be offset through one of the following, contribution to the Borough’s Carbon Offset Fund or off-site renewables provided that this is clearly identified, and delivery is certain.

How can QuinnRoss Energy Help?

We can provide an Energy Statement/Report that outlines what the building will be doing to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions as far as possible. We highly recommend obtaining a report, not only for new building projects in London, but for general new build submissions.

Circular Economy Statement

Larger schemes need to be developed in line with ‘circular economy’ principles (policy SI 7) in order to minimise waste and ensure materials can be disassembled and re-used at the end of a building’s life.

How can QuinnRoss Energy Help?

We can carry out Circular Economy Statements. This is a draft statement detailing the responsibilities of the development at pre-planning stage. There is a more in-depth version available once completion is achieved as this is based off the actual building materials used.

Whole Life-Cycle Carbon Assessment

This is a required assessment in line with Policy SI 2 of the London Plan 2021. This applies to planning applications which are referred to the Major of London, but London boroughs may choose to apply the policy and this guidance to non-referable applications.

How can QuinnRoss Energy Help?

At QuinnRoss Energy, we are approved assessors with a well-established Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software. We highly recommend this assessment for all new build projects trying to achieve BREEAM certification.

Other requirements which all major developments must provide/carry out are:

Overheating Modelling/Assessment

This assessment analyses the occupied space and assess performance against criteria set out by CIBSE.

QuinnRoss Energy can provide an Overheating Analysis.

Air Quality Assessment

Assessment on the impact of the air quality during the construction stage.

QuinnRoss Energy can provide an Indoor Air Quality Assessment.

To give an overall summary, the New London Plan 2021 asks for more information to be submitted at planning stage. This is to give a better understanding on a developments carbon emissions and will help London meet its carbon neutral target by the year 2050. Basically, the more zero energy you are, the better!

If you would like help regarding the London Plan 2021 or have any queries in general. Please use our contact page to get in touch, as one of our team members will be more than happy to help.